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PhD Student

Hamed obtained his B.Sc and M.Sc in Chemistry from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, in 2016 and 2018 respectively. His Bachelor project was on synthesis of hydrogels with enhanced mechanical properties obtained via 2D materials. During his master´s studies he worked on synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbons as high performance electrode material for supercapacitor application. He worked in an ink company for 1.5 years producing different printing inks (inkjet, UV, offset and flexographic). His thesis is on "Printed electronics for new-age flexible devices for biomedical applications". 

Youssif Merhi_IJ_.0686.jpg

Research Assistant

Youssif Mehri obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry from Aarhus University (AU), Denmark and continued his Master's degree at iNano, AU. He specializes in biomaterials and biophysics and this master's thesis was on engineering of nanosensors for epithelial stem cells adhesion. He is involved in InnoExplorer project on 'personalized muscle preserving stocking' in collaboration with Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg & Herlev-Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen. 

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